Multi Copy A4

Φωτοαντιγραφικό χαρτί, 250 φύλλα, 160 γραμ.
Κωδικός προϊόντος: AXA0156
Τιμή πώλησης 5,95 €
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  • Φωτοαντιγραφικό λευκό χαρτί υψηλής λευκότητας για άριστη απόδοση

Something for all tastes. And print jobs.

MultiCopy is available in a wide range of grammars and formats, from 75 to 160 g/m2 and in A4, A3, folio sheets and reels.

You can print out everything from simple emails to advanced graphics and images, presentations, reports, internal and external communications and much more besides. You can also run duplex printing, since the paper has high opacity and stops print from showing through on the other side.

Gets old without ageing.

MultiCopy is ageing resistant in line with standard ISO 9706.
OK, but what does that actually mean? It means that MultiCopy meets the standards for age resistance, so if you print a document and then store it carefully - in the dark, with as few airborne pollutants as possible - it will stay in good shape well into 22nd century, probably longer. That can be important if you print important documents, contracts and so on that need to be stored for posterity.