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Multicopy may not be the cheapest paper on the market.

But it is probably the most economical.


With MultiCopy in your machines paper jams are a thing of the past, since its runnability is so superb. You also don’t have to worry that the paper will deposit dust in your machines. Every sheet of MultiCopy Original is vacuumed before the reams are wrapped in their green packaging. Imagine what a difference that’ll make to the health of your machines and it’ll reduce the need of maintenance, which saves your money.

As for that presentation, again there’s no need to worry. MultiCopy Original is a top quality, multi-functional paper that works in all types of office machines – copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers – both colour and black and white. The paper has high whiteness and carries the ColorLok label as a guarantee of more vivid colours, deeper blacks and faster drying.

There is a huge difference between a printout on MultiCopy and one on a non-ColorLok paper. What’s more, the fantastic printouts reduce waste as you only need to print once for a great result.

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