Specialists in PC, workstation, office equipment and technical cleaning products..

Established over 40 years ago, AF International has earned enviable reputation as the leading provider of PC, workstation, office equipment and technical cleaning products. From its’ UK, China and India manufacturing sites, AF International produces and supplies a comprehensive range of screen, keyboard and surface, printer, smart technology, PPE (personal protective equipment) and card reader cleaning products and kits. All products are manufactured in our accredited factories to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Manufacturing on three continents has also allowed AF International to build a strong supply chain, with excellent relationships and the ability to supply goods on time. AF is represented globally, with offices in Europe, USA, Australia, Far East, Middle East and Africa.

As well as continuing to support the professional maintenance engineer with a range of technical cleaning products, AF are also quick to respond to the demand of future technology and delivering innovative cleaning products in line with market trends.

The AF product range has been carefully developed by our Research and Development team to provide the very best in home and office general cleaning solutions to keep the equipment and staff working to full capacity.

We hope that you find the new AF website an exciting and interesting resource with clear differentiation between the three ranges: Core – aftercare for all tech at home or in the office; The Capsule Whiteboard Range and the newly launched Specialist Cleaning Range developed for technical cleaning requirements and the PPE sector. The website is packed with useful facts and resources to help you choose the correct cleaning products for your application.

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AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes – Υγρά Μαντηλάκια Καθαρισμού Διαδραστικών Λευκοπινάκων

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AF Multi Multiscreen-Clene 200ml & Πανί Με Μικροϊνες

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AF Sprayduster 342ml / 400g

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AF Sprayduster ZERO

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AF Αφρός Καθαρισμού 300ml / 297g

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AF Καθαριστικά Πανιά TonerClene 25pcs

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AF Καθαριστικό Απομάκρυνσης Υγρασίας Tech Rescue

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AF Καθαριστικό Αυτοκόλλητης Ταινίας

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AF Μαντηλάκια Καθαρισμού για Tablet 3TMX

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Καθαριστικό Χεριών AF Hand-Clene 50ml